Baby on the Big Swing

Water’s pooling everywhere.
A week of summer rain:
tomato vines have doubled length 
and the wood chips are bursting 
into mushroom. 

He and I become one 
pendulum, sweating 
into one another’s clothes. 
His sixteen pounds, all 
belly, brain and bone, 
lift away from
my chest at each 
inflection. Hot,
the tiny head rolls 
back and forth
over my collar. 
One meaty little fist
finds the chain. 

The rain 
comes back on pale 
and sweet, caressing 
everything– my arms, 
the naked head 
beneath my chin, 
the little girl 

who throws her face 
into the spray, 
eyes closed, 
I’m in wonderland!

The babe falls silent,
surrenders to the sway
and lift, the sway
and lift, the water. 

His sisters swing
beside us, shouting,
Look how high!
Look how high!

Photo by Christine Renard from Pexels

20 thoughts on “Baby on the Big Swing

  1. Wowww..! Pauli!!!!! I’m flattered by your poem and your voice dear..! Woww wow wow wow wow!!!!! Your voice is very sweet and lovely..! Woww..! I Heard your voice many times I think thousand plus times..! I’m looking forward to hear your voice in upcoming posts dear..! Wowww..! And the poem is fantastic and marvelous..! I’m blown away..! Woww!! Amazing my dear friend..! I’m truly very happy to see your Amazing post..! Keep shinning my dear friend..!🤗😊

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