Hey! I’m Peach. Everything I wrote below was true when I began this blog, but most of it isn’t anymore.

My life has changed, but these are the ideas that formed True Love for Sale.

Love is my profession in more ways than one.

As a family nanny, love is my number-one job function. I throw my heart wide open when I arrive to work each day, offering a bond that complements and supports the relationships between the parents that I serve and their children. The kids unfold into themselves as they will, and I nurture their development with gratitude and gentleness, following as I guide.

After hours, I indulge in a dating life with lover(s) who compensate my time and effort in cash. Distinct from sex work (but narrowly), these love-exchanges operate in a world that calls itself “the sugar bowl”. Whatever your notions about sugar babies and the folks who pay to love us, I ask you to suspend them. Intimacy and connection are baseline needs, and I approach the work of meeting those needs with agency and joy.

And when all the hired love-work is done, I come home to my wife. Together, she and I are building a multiracial, interfaith polyamorous family. Our improbable love bursts through the boundaries of tradition. We are creating new modalities of being, just by being. Our queer, gay, trans and nonbinary ancestors fought like hell to make this life possible for us– in the spirit of that legacy, we love with all our might to build new possibilities for the coming generations.

Join me as I explore the synchronicities and contradictions in my life and work. My sights are set on liberation for all, but the path I take to get there will wind and dip. If you’ve got a mind that seeks to open and heart fit to expand, come along!

With care and pleasure,

Peach Berman